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德国进口埃莎Ersa 离线高精度汽车电子军工选择性波峰焊Ersa SMARTFLOW 2020

型号: Ersa SMARTFLOW 2020
净重: 500KG
保修期: 12个月
品牌: ERSA
机器尺寸: 1240*1030*1420
Cylce Time: 2 – 100 mm/sec
PCB尺寸: 63.5 – 406 mm(可选:508 mm)
功率: 最大 18 kW(基本配置)
电压: 5线制,3 x 25 30/400 V
双轨选项: 离线
解析精度: 0.15mm
氮气选项: 空气/氮气



Highlights Selective Soldering System

Compact without compromises

Modern process visualisation with ERSASOFT 5

Convenient PC control with swiveling 24'' touch-screen

Ersa CAD-Assistent

Use of Mini-Vario-Wave, Mini-Dip and area nozzles

High ease of servicing

Drop-Jet Fluxer with integrated monitoring

Highest positioning accuracy and process

All-over heating IR preheating lower/upper (scalable)

Low energy and N2 consumption

2.jpgOptimum for production in cell manufacturing

With the SMARTFLOW Ersa expands its range of products in this sector by a compact selective soldering system. With a footprint of less than 2.5 sqm the SMARTFLOW perfectly fits in productions with cell manufacturing. The semiautomatic operates in all process steps with the proven Ersa selective soldering technology, just like the larger Ersa VERSAFLOW models, suffering no comprimse in regards to quality and accuracy. The universal pallet mount allows processing boards with the size up to 508 x 508 mm.The fluxer performs with the highest positioning accuracy and with the least amount of flux deposition.

Features like spray jet monitoring or the process monitoring camera provide for process safety. Like the VERSAFLOW model range, the SMARTFLOW is equipped with a all-over preheating. The lower heater is furnished with eight emitters, which can be switched in groups so that the power consumed can be adapted to the heat demand and the size of the board. The upper heater has completely been overtaken from the lower heating is optimally adjusted to it. This ensures an efficient and reproducable through heating even for most complex component like multi-layer or heavy-mass.

Moderne process visualisation with ERSAsoft 5

The SMARTFLOW is the first system to be equipped with the modern ERSAsoft 5 operating software. This new version of our time-tested machine software impresses with its user-oriented
structure in addition to modern visualisation. Thanks to individual user interfaces, every user group gets the required data and information at a glance. Another highlight of the software is the picture in picture function (PIP) in combination with the process monitoring camera. Soldering parameters and a live process picture are available at a glance on the 24'' touch-screen, which makes working on the machine ergonomical and clearly arranged.

  • Length from 1,750 mm

  • Width from 1,450 mm

  • Height from 1,520 mm

  • Universal pallet mount

  • PCB width: 15-508 mm

  • PCB length: 15-508 mm

  • Maximum PCB top side clearance: 80 mm

  • Maximum PCB bottom side clearance: 60 mm

  • Maximum PCB weight: 3 kg

  • Nitrogen

  • Pneumatic system

  • Electric supply

  • Extracted air

  • Drop-Jet in different sizes

  • IR heating bottom or combination of IR bottom and IR top

  • Electromagnetic solder pot

  • Mini wave/Mini-Dip (optional)

  • Preheat bottom/top side: short-wave, dynamic IR emitters

  • Emitter control for top and bottom heating

  • Process monitoring camera (picture in picture system)

  • Barcode scanner (2D handheld)

  • Take-over of PCB data from CAD systems; programme creation (CAD assistent)

  • Automatic soldering wire supply

  • Different solder nozzle diameters

  • Nitrogen heating



品牌: Panasonic
型号: D3A
品牌: ERSA
型号: 德国进口埃莎Ersa 离线高精度汽车电子军工选择性波峰焊 ECOSELECT 1
品牌: FUJI
品牌: FUJI
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